How to Spice Up Your Insta Feed

How to Spice Up Your Insta Feed

Instagram is constantly changing and so is its trending content. If you want to spice up your Insta feed, it's crucial that you develop a consistent theme throughout your page. Pre-planning your Instagram feed and staying consistent gives your followers a clear understanding of the image and content type you are trying to convey. Next time you're looking to post, be sure to plan ahead and draw creative influence from those who have already found social media success. Inspiration can be found anywhere, and it follows that in this age of social media, people have their favorite influencers that they gain inspo from. If you are looking for more fun, trendy, and bad ass content on your Instagram feed as well as some daily inspiration for how to spice up your own, here are a few of our favorite influencers:



Summer Rachel Warren is a social media fashion influencer and personal stylist. Warren went to college for Communications until she switched to Fashion Merchandising which she ended up graduating with a degree in. She has grown tremendously on TikTok with 370.7K followers in addition to her 114K followers on Instagram. Her content is mainly styling and fashion related but she also has a passion for traveling. A Summer quote that we love is "To me, happiness is being completely surrounded by motivated and positive souls". We couldn't agree more!
If you love Summer's content and would like to see more, check her out on Instagram and TikTok!



MJHEDDERMAN has taken the world by storm. She is a social media and fashion influencer who went viral on TikTok for her content and fashion tips. While she is primarily known for fashion, she also loves to promote women empowerment and inspire her followers to go out and take badass photos of themselves. She currently has 819.1K followers on TikTok and 202K on Instagram and she is only continuing to grow. 

If you love MJHEDDERMAN's content and would like to see more, check her out on Instagram and TikTok!


Delaney Childs

​Delaney Childs is a full time content creator living in Southern California with her husband Clayton. Her content consists of all things fashion, beauty, wellness, and even home decor. She began her career on Youtube where she currently has 185K subscribers. She is also a force to be reckoned with on Instagram where she has 508K followers. She is known for her iconic looks and edgy style. Childs is always looking for ways to expand her wardrobe and her mind which makes her a great influencer to follow.

If you love Delaney Childs' content and would like to see more, go subscribe to her YouTube channel and check out her Insta as well!


 Luisa Piou

​Luisa Piou is a recently college graduate with a Fashion degree from Arizona State University. She gained her following on Instagram but she is more than just a fashion influencer. She posts motivational content, meditation tips, and uses singing bowls to remind her followers to take time out of their day for relaxation and self care. Not many influencers take the time to check in with their followers about how they are doing which makes Luisa more than just a fashion influencer. We love how personal and connected she is with her fans!

If you love Luisa Piou content and would like to see more, we definitely recommend checking her out on Instagram!


Absolutely LOVE all of the highlighted influencers!

such genuine influencers who promote women empowerment and talk about mental health! <3

Such amazing inspos! Love this, Courtney

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