Which Spill The Tea Tank Is a Perfect Fit for Your Zodiac?

Which Spill The Tea Tank Is a Perfect Fit for Your Zodiac?

Taurus: Taurus, you’re all about the classy and chic lifestyle, and what tank expresses that more than a classic LBT (little black tank)? This closet staple is bound to make so many cute, but casual every day fits for you to add to your outfit cycle. Your stability and reliability make this tank perfect for you.

Cancer: You have a reputation for being sweet, caring and loyal to those around you, making light pink the ideal addition to your wardrobe. Not only does it match your compassionate and sensitive vibe, but it flaunts your unique charm. Add to cart! 

Pisces: Although you may not admit it Pisces, you are definitely the most romantic sign. You’re always in-tune with your emotions, empathetic toward others and extremely sensitive. That said, what color would match your vibe better than mauve?! This color flawlessly complements your energy, so why not splurge on yourself a little? Your closet will thank you for it. 

Gemini: Gemini, you’re known to be the life of the party. Any room you walk into, you own. You’re extroverted and can be a bit noisy at times, making neon green the perfect Spill the Tea Tank for you! All attention will be on you in this tank, and not to mention, the green shade matches your birth stone, an emerald! 

Aries: Fiery, passionate and bold, what tank color would match your personality better than classy red? Chic, sexy and strong, as a fire sign we promise you won’t regret this purchase! 

Scorpio: Brown is one of your signs colors Scorpio, making the brown Spill the Tea tank a perfect fit for you Scorpio! Much like your celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, you always strike those around you by surprise. You have a bold go-getter attitude, so why not take over the world in this trend-setting brown?

Libra: Of all the signs, you know how to keep your chill the best Libra. You value equilibrium and balance in your life, making neon blue a great option to add to your Spill the Tea collection (c’mon we know you have one). Neon blue is trendy and cool, just like you.

Virgo: Virgo, you’re smart minded, gentle and kind. With your laid-back lifestyle, you like to keep things classy, just like the Spill the Tea tank in white. As someone who’s a perfectionist and detail-oriented, this tank gives you the opportunity to create so many cute fits. Dress it up with layered necklaces and a leather jacket or dress it down with a hoodie and some simple gold hoops. You can never go wrong with this neutral tone!

Leo: As an artistic personality, you always have something new and bold to bring to the table Leo. You like to live life to the fullest like there’s no tomorrow. Our coral Spill the Tea tank showcases that fierce confidence along with your warm and loving personality. 

Capricorn: To put it simply, Capricorns are one-of-a-kind. You’re known to be the most organized of the signs and you strive for excellence always. That said, lavender, the color of ambition, is the Spill the Tea tank color you’ve been missing from your wardrobe. Treat yourself for all that hard work you’ve been putting in lately Capricorn!

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius is known to be bold, adventurous and loyal. As a fire sign, you’re not afraid to stand out, so why not make a statement in our hot pink Spill the Tea tank?! You like to stick to bright tones in your wardrobe to show off your spontaneous energy, so this tank is a must-have for your closet. Plus, it will get you all the compliments.

Aquarius: You’re powerful, intelligent and unique Aquarius. Everyone knows it! Your independence shines through on the daily, making navy, the color of independence, your must-have tank for Spring. We know you’ve been eyeing this one for a while, so take this as a sign to purchase!


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