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Back to School Outfit Ideas

We’ve all been there. You hit the second week of classes, and those oversized sweat sets start becoming more and more appealing as your urge to impress your peers dwindles. But there is something about dressing up for classes that is motivational. As if a skirt and blazer will turn you into Elle Woods, ready to be at the top of your class. We are here today to help you find those outfits. The ones that allow you to radiate confidence while still allowing comfort for this back-to-school season. Check out these outfits we picked for you to rock each day of this school week:



Monday is the so-called most challenging day of the week. This is because nobody enjoys coming off a weekend of fun and relaxation and returning to work/school. That also means Monday’s outfit is the most important. You need something that will make you want to leave the house, and that’s what this outfit does. Our If You Love me ribbed cap sleeve crop top provides appropriate comfort and coverage while having a chic professional look. Pair this top with our Overdrive mini skirt. This linen skirt is super moveable and has added spice with its built-in belt. 


We are keeping it casual on Tuesday. You can never go wrong with a comfy oversized graphic tee and those jeans that fit you perfectly. Check out one of our graphic tees for a soft and eye-catching design. We recommend tucking it into your bra for a slightly cropped look. We’ve paired this top with our Lost in Between Jeans. They are the sisterhood of the traveling pants jeans and have minimal rips so that you can avoid the “did you get those for half off” comments from people who don’t understand that rips are trendy and allow for some space to bend your knees. We recommend pairing this outfit with your favorite white sneakers for a low-effort look that has you looking bio lab ready. 


By the time Wednesday hits, you have done just enough work to feel tired but are still too far from the weekend to feel the upcoming relief. To help combat the dread, try wearing an edgy outfit that allows your personality to shine through. We’ve paired our newspaper-printed Extra Extra Jeans with an embroidered high neck tank for the perfect balance of comfy and stylish. These jeans scream journalism major in all the best ways, and if you’re not a journalism major, don’t worry, because that cute guy in your writing class will love them and you by the end of the semester ;).



It’s Thursday, and you’re so close to being done with the week. This final push is all about comfort and whatever else is getting you through the week (including the two five-dollar coffees you’ve been getting a day). We are keeping it simple to help you get through these last two days. And nothing screams cute and stylish like some comfy cargos. These cargo pants have excellent stretch, so you can take your midday nap and still look like a girl-boss in your afternoon classes. We’ve paired them with a seamless tank because, with all those unwritten essays, the last thing you need to worry about is finding a comfortable top or a bra that's not stabbing your sides. So skip the bra and grab an iconic and supportive Spill the Tea Tank


Now that it’s Friday and the end of the week, all you're doing is counting down the hours until your weekend begins. To keep it casual and stress-free, we recommend a two-piece elevated sweat set. Sets are the best because they require minimal effort while deceiving people you dressed up. Our About Last Night set has a stylish flair of a corset top paired with matching straight-leg sweatpants allowing you to be comfy and cute. Swap out the sweats for some jeans, and you're ready for a night out. 


The week is officially over, so it’s time to go out and spend time with your friends. There’s nothing more exciting than getting ready with your girl gang, blasting music, and raiding each other’s closets. This going-out outfit may be yours, but every one of your friends will beg you to borrow it next weekend. The Love Sosa corset has a lace-up back and is leather with flattering boning. This will provide a slimming edgy look all night long. We’ve paired it with our Hot in Here jeans because these simple pants draw all the eyes to this super hot top. So go dance the night away, and don’t forget to scream every word of “All Night Longer”.


To help fight those Sunday Scaries, everyone needs an oversized sweat set because wearing something so comfy is practically self-care. Check out our Boys Lie Goodbye crewneck. Not only is it comfy, but you’ll also be twinning with Gigi Hadid, and who doesn’t want that?!

Just a reminder that the school year is not about how you dress. It is about finding yourself and being the happiest version of you. Here at Rock N Rags, we are most comfortable when we are dressed up and ready to girl-boss, and we want the same for each of you. We are sending you all the love for this school year and can’t wait to see your Rock N Rags looks on campus.


The Rock N Rags team



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